How do artists afford to be artists?

Posted by Sermarr

I've spent a week walking the streets if Brooklyn and lower queens looking at studios for making art. What I learned is that the spaces that are small are exorbitant …say $800 monthly for 300 sq ft. Large spaces are too large and are designed for commercial activity…say 5000 sq ft for $6000 a month. These are outer borough prices plus you need an apartment too because zoning doesn't allow live/work spaces due to fire codes. So…I've given up till I return from India in April. Maybe the supply of housing will have somehow increased?


Ann Hamilton show at Armory a knockout!

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Went to the Armory on the upper east side to see the Ann Hamilton show. It was indescribably mind opening, joy filling, and fun. Here are a few pictures of it. It was so big it's hard to capture in pictures. Go online and see it!




Explored Red Hook for studio space. Still recovering from Sandy

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Spent the morning walking Red Hook, a part of Brooklyn on the other side of the BQE. I had to walk across the highway on a wired walkway above the traffic. A neighborhood of brownstones and by the water big commercial buildings. Schools and delis in the midst of decay. Being cut off by the BQE and having no subway was probably the kiss of death at some point. No new chi chi clothing stores or restaurants yet. And Sandy's signs are still there. Here are some mixed photos. I don't think this would work for me. Too cut off






Visited 9/11 Memorial. Not sure what to think about it

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We went to the 9/11 Memorial Site after much standing in line and going through bunches of security procedures, which luckily didn't require shoe removal, we got into the memorial site. It is two very enormous square holes in the ground where the towers were. Each is now filled with a dark granite enormous box which is a large waterfall of water pouring from each side into the bottom which empties into another dark square at the bottom. Around the box is a wide railing with all the names of those who died either in the towers or in responding.
I still am not sure about how this piece impacts me. I see that it is the footprint of the towers and marks how large a thing that was lost. But somehow the huge quantity of water pouring into it seems not right. I am still thinking about this. What if they put the same box there but with no water. Or a giant slab of something or a reflecting pool. Anyway it just didn't work for me even though I can't put my finger on why. So here are two pictures:
one of one of the towers being built nearby and one of part of the memorial




Incredible journey through Sunset Park Latin and Chinese

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Up early and went to feed my addiction at la dulce. Here's a new cake in their window. They have great biscotti! I know because I taste tested it for you.
Then I walked south through Sunset Park from 10th street to 59th street. I varied my walk from 5th and 4th avenue, the established main thoroughfares with lots of stores and people to 3rd avenue where the Brooklyn Queens Expressway runs as an elevated highway over the middle of 3rd ave. The area runs downhill to the East River and there are lots of small businesses and homes there. The neighborhoods are mainly Hispanic and lower than 50th street become more Asian. Lots of churches and grocery stores and brownstones that look just like brownstones on the east side of Manhattan. I do t know,but it looks like they must have been built at the same time. I didn't make it all the way to the end of the area but almost.