Renunciations. Almost finished!

Posted by Sermarr

Today I took a lot of time to position the leaves and glue them precisely where they needed to be. I almost went nuts but finally have them all in place and was able to hang it up. Now it needs the "curing" of looking at it and making some final changes.


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New piece: Renunciations

Posted by Sermarr

I began a new piece last night and was so compelled by it that I worked non stop on it today. Except for the walk I took by the river after lunch. The story is about a young very talented painter here who came out as a lesbian to her very traditional parents. They are not pleased. So in a way both sides have renounced each other. I need to write up the piece but I painted the story on purple silk surrounded by exotic leaves. The leaves took a long time to extract from the fabric. The painting of the portrait took this afternoon. Something about this story seems so tragic to me




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