Not Me! Finished

Posted by Sermarr

Today,with the addition of apricot pits,peach pits and mica, Not Me! was finished. so here he is,an old athlete surrounded by,embellished by and ultimately embraced by nature




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Not Me! Flowers being positioned

Posted by Sermarr

Today I got here late. I painted more colors into the shadows of the athlete. He now looks less separated from the flowers in color. And I'm working on positioning the flowers.





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Not Me! Figure going into place

Posted by Sermarr

Today is the first time I've been able to get to the studio to really paint in a very long time. And I had laid out Not Me! But hadn't been able to paint it. Today I began to get all the parts in place. It is in oil on black gesso. And I have to say that having painted 169 faces did help me do this one! I wish I had also painted 338 hands! But he's in place and tomorrow I hope to get back and do more but I may not make it. But it feels good to have gotten this far




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Not Me! Ready for small figure

Posted by Sermarr

After too much deliberation, I've decided to use the smaller figure because he looks diminished and enveloped in the natural swirl of the flowers. So I painted a black gesso background for the oil paint to adhere to. Here he is


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Not Me. Begins

Posted by Sermarr

Today I got a very late start. But I was excited about this picture that I saw of an old Olympian athlete. He was in the last games in Britain and now he is very old. It occurred to me that I always look at these very old, time-showing-on-their-bodies people. And I instantly say....not me! But indeed, even for Olympians who've been in the best physical shape of us all, time and gravity win in the end. So here is his picture in black and white. On rusted metal. Surrounded by fabric flowers. I love the combination of textures. I think I will paint him in oil.


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