“The Worst Mistake I Ever Made”. Finished

Posted by Sermarr

Today I finished painting "The Worst Mistake I Ever Made". It was difficult to figure out how to finish the outside of the bunker-pyramid. But I decided that the outside should be bright and glorious and sunny. The morality of Penn State and the Catholic church seemed to ensure that all inside was well and that the children were safe. The contrast between the two is severe.



“The Worst Mistake I Ever Made”

Posted by Sermarr

This piece was begun as a demo at my solo show on July 19th. It is about how surprising the choices made by institutional leaders when confronted by the knowledge of child sexual abuse by one or more of its members. In each case the church and school leaders chose to believe that the institution was so fragile that it should be protected instead of the children who had been entrusted to their care. Surrounded by huge financial, physical and moral assets, they still saw the institution as more in need of support than the child. Joe Paterno said of his decision to not report his assistant to the authorities "it was the worst mistake I ever made". The institutions are paying for these mistakes in much more severe ways than they would have then,if the predators had been stopped. The future value of moral mistakes is enormous