Family Nots. Finished

Posted by Sermarr

Today I worked on putting in more complicated "obstacles" or pathways that families forbid members to take. All the energy goes into maintaining these boundaries and the more entrenched, the more regularly family members abide by them. Family stories tell all too often how things were done that shouldn't have been,with disastrous results. Family scapegoats are pilloried again to common agreement at family gatherings. The "nots" become part of the family.



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Family Nots. Unnamed piece named

Posted by Sermarr

Today was very busy. I'm trying to finish the pieces that are going to be in the gallery show one week from today. I worked on Family Nots, the piece I started a few days ago. Have begun to stitch cord into it. Lots of intersections, just like family do's and don't's. Sometimes all these proscriptions apply to all the family members and sometimes just one is singled out. Here is where I am so far and some detail shots so you can see the stitches





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Untitled piece on paper

Posted by Sermarr

This is a new piece that's very puzzling to me. I've worked on it for hours and it says one thing to me when I look at it one way and another thing a different way.
I started to make it about family knots that get embedded over time but somehow it doesn't seem to be what I started out to make. Will just wait till tomorrow and see what it has said in the meantime


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