The Human Compass. Finished and at the gallery opening

Posted by Sermarr

The Human Compass is finally finished! With much effort on spacing and leveling. And then carrying to the gallery for the opening two hours later!





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The Human Compass two yrs later

Posted by Sermarr

I am working on getting my website updated with all the pictures and descriptions before the gallery opening on Friday. I sent four hours hun he'd over the computer inputting all the information. The doors were open and a pair of ground squirrels tried to run into the kitchen and two young birds walked into my computer room. Otherwise just the click click click of computer keys

And then I finally got to the studio and went to work on The Human Compass. The gallery director would like it to be there for the opening. And there are four levels of geared circles. I have the bottom one and the top one finished. Today I worked on the next to the bottom one. It is about "where you are born". I worked out a system so that it shows countries/cities in a random name generator fashion. Tomorrow I go hiking so no work then. Here is my work table for getting The Human Compass to come out right and on time


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