The Quiet Man In The Middle. Finished

Posted by Sermarr

Today I finished The Quiet Man In The Middle. This piece is difficult for me because I know so many families that are like this: a loud bullying belittling parent, one targeted child and a quiet parent who stands by. The quiet one is usually seen by everyone, including him/herself as the "good one" of the two parents. And they like that role and never move out of it to confront and stop their bullying partner. Do these two attract each other from the start? Or do they create each other through repetition when a suitable child enters the picture? I don't know, but I know I never look at the "good one" the way he/she thinks I do






New Piece begun. “The Quiet Man In The Middle”

Posted by Sermarr

I heard a story the other day about some significant times in a friend's life where her mother belittled her savagely and the father stood by and did very little. These few times were major events in this person's life because I've heard her tell them twice in a short time frame. And as a way of introducing herself to people she doesn't know. She displays this old wound, a gaping ragged hole in her psyche. And it is strange that if you don't pay close attention it's easy to miss that the bigger villain in the story is the father who sat by and did not shout the old hag down. He had all the power in this confrontation and chose not to use it except very tepidly. I find this to be true in many stories about the Big Nasty Villain in someone's life. There is usually a passive person in the middle who has enormous power, refuses to use it and is forever known in these family tales as the Good Guy. This is true in another family story of the alcoholic mother who picked on one of her sons incessantly and cruelly while the well loved/respected father sat by. And of course everyone loves to boo and hiss at the awful injustices done by these ogres.