How Much Of My Grandmother Is Still Here? Stitches

Posted by Sermarr

Today I'm in a determined mode because I want to get far enough on this piece and Foggy Crystal to be satisfied. I leave on vacation tomorrow. The Grandmother piece took an unexpected turn because I have begun to stitch their portraits. It's like an homage to them, neither of which I knew well. I have pictures of them when they're young that I'm working with. My red/blond grandmother bequeathed me her hair color. I remember being very small and watching with fascination when she'd unwind her hair and comb it at the end of the day. It was beautiful. My other grandmother died long before I was born and so I have only this one picture of her. It is very like being linked to them as I stitch and wonder what they were like.






Holding My Breath Waiting For A Sign

Posted by Sermarr

This piece has been floating around since I began Out Of Sight But Not out Of Mind. I just could not figure out how to make it say something about anxious anticipation which is what it was about. I am attaching the pale and wan version which got resolved and pulled into focus today. I put violet and blue shadows in it to emphasize the time passing. And now it's in focus and finished!




Music Of The Years. Finally finished

Posted by Sermarr

Today seemed to be the day this one, Music Of The Years, got ready to be finished. Maybe because I'd spent time with a lifelong friend the last few days. This one seems to say how the years stack up in long term relationships, kind of like old vinyl records on a jukebox spindle. You can call them up in your memory to play parts that seem to be needed to help reflect on the present and to have the warmth, or pain, from the past. Our own time capsules ever fresh, ageless and vivid on instant recall. Our iPod of saved memories



“Out Of Sight” begins to emerge

Posted by Sermarr

So here are some pictures of the painted pieces emerging. Some thread is being embedded to suggest connections and directions.