Guerilla art in stellenbosch,South Africa

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In south Africa I stayed in stellenbosch, which is about thirty minutes outside cape town. It looks and feels like the napa valley, full of vineyards, tasting rooms, and elegant casual restaurants I was able to "camp out" in a motorcycle parking alcove on the ground floor of my friend's apartment building where I was staying. I had assembled all the supplies and clothes and paint from various stores in stellenbosch. I wanted to see if I was going to be able to make art on the road in a "guerilla" format where I would assemble a minimum disposable group of art/hardware items and find a spot and go to work. If I could do this I could begin to travel and make art wherever I went. On site with new insights from traveling outside my familiar surroundings I could record these experiences while fresh. Usually what happens when I travel is I am impacted by wherever I am. I store the impressions and go home to my studio to disgorge them in a frantic stream of pieces. This was an attempt to try it a different way. Portable art making. What I've learned is that it can be done successfully but is very hard if paint is used as the medium. It requires special equipment which is bulky -clothes,brushes,drop cloths to keep things clean, tape, jars,rollers, objects, boards/canvas/paper -and a place where you can be messy and spread everything out and where you can leave it so it can dry. So this medium is not very portable. However you do meet people who are passing by and interested in what you're doing. More on that on the next post. I include photos of my work alcove with a smaller work than the original canvas work I posted earlier





“The View From Here next to you in Africa “

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I spent time in South Africa going from cities which are still mostly run like large cities all over the world: organized in square blocks with square buildings and straight streets/light poles/signs etc. a place of right angles. And then I would go to the bush where there are no fences (the cattle graze on the side of the road), round houses, chickens roaming everywhere. Much as rural tribal cultures all over the world. And I was so struck by the things that European/large scale civilizations take for granted in the geometry of their topography and way of thinking. Huge fields of sugar cane or grapevines. Square houses with square plots which are individually owned Straight paved roads. Large governmental buildings and museums. And in the bush I learned that the chiefdom structure is much more local-communal
So this piece has depicted these two different views side by side. In South Africa the land also holds mineral wealth as well as agrarian opportunities. For bush/tribal societies it means deep roots of trafitions, ancestors and rituals that distinguish their group from another close by So each side shows the different proportions of earth, plants, and sky.



Day off yesterday

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I took the day off yesterday so I would not meltdown from all the tasks to do, pieces to complete and new ideas whirling around in my head. It was great. I saw a telecast opera full of wonderful Baroque music, great singers, sets and projected pieces that helped make the magic work
So now I'm back refreshed and off to the races again


Having the gym Inner Strength help my back

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I have been having back trouble from lifting such large pieces of wood and metal and have a special program devised by my gym trainer to help strengthen it. Here is Dan the man. The trainer



A hard and messy day’s work

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