Studio Reaches Next Level of “One Day It Will Be Ready”

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Today Sergio and I worked all day (again) on getting things in their places. My Indian woodblocks are now hanging on their appointed wooden shipping palettes, fabrics are hanging on their hangers in the corner, and the kitchen has its first countertop over the washing machine and dishwasher; the butcher block-topped island has all its dishes/pots/cutlery stowed in the garage cabinets that it tops. And the new faucet is in. Actually two faucets. And I unwrapped almost all the plates/glasses etc that weren't unwrapped and put them in a huge chrome shelf unit that we bought at a kitchen equipment store. I have stored all the china and crystal that my Southern upbringing requires and my mother is happy in heaven. I've vacuumed and mopped,with my yellow janitorial bucket on wheels which works great. And Sergio and I put our heads together and came up with a way to store all the artwork by building a whole storage "closet" around the hoist. It solves a lot of problems because it shields the hoist, using basically unusable space around it and gives another wall behind the sitting area in the studio. And space for all these works I'm going to create when all this renovation is over. Keep your fingers crossed that there's something still cooking under the hood after two months of non stop on -the -rock- pile moving
And I begin to have joy that all this relentless steady work will yield light at the end of its tunnel.
And once again,hooray for Sergio and his many skills and personal stamina and cheerfulness It is needless to say again,but I will anyway, how grateful I am to have had him on this adventure. He is a remarkable companion in creativity and outlook.
Here are some pictures of the more organized sections of the studio and the hoist area all cleared up of the mountain of cardboard boxes (the stacks shown are each 5' tall) and mopped and ready for its new function. And one of our work tables as we still soldier on!









And more photos…

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And a bunch of photos inside the studio. Getting the light right is very difficult because so many are either on black or include shiny objects.



Tomorrow brings more photographs

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Here is a shot of one side of the studio with a lot of finished pieces ready to have their photographs taken tomorrow. The website must be fed! When I'm here working on a piece I forget how I'm surrounded with other pieces. When I look up I sometimes am sucked into one of the other piece's message and sometimes it informs what I'm doing. But usually I am so focused that they are all but invisible. Like trees in a forest you walk past often. Sometimes the art on your walls at home can get this way. No more message being sent,just a familiar space holder. I move my art around a lot so it can still talk/yell/sing to me when I walk by



Editing photographs to load on the web

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Here is my very professional photographer,Kitty. She and I are working on getting the color of the photos to be exactly what they are. It is strange how some pictures are right on and some are lighter or darker hues. It seems that the ones in white require the most adjustment. I brought the paint tubes do we could get a big dose of what the real colors are.


Very long day in studio

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Today many unfinished pieces got worked on. Not all were finished,but sometimes I can't quite get done what needs to be done for a picture to feel finished. Maybe it's that I can't quite feel the technique that is needed. And sometimes the colors just don't speak to me about what is needed
But today a number of things that had been "waiting" stepped forward and said. "okay it's my turn now". I have them hanging in the studio and sometimes out of the corner of my eye I see what they need.


Rearranged studio view

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I have work on all stages of completion and thought I'd take a picture of it for you



A hard and messy day’s work

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Wrestling with the wind

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To spray "More" required taping it (a lot) to protect the different colored spots of car-glorious glossy red and flat gray. Also had to spray the inside of the metal circle red. The wind kicked up. But the sun gave us quick drying and beautiful unexpected shadows