Target Child. Finished except for the child

Posted by Sermarr

Today the wind has been whistling over the skylights. I've been working the last few days on helping open a gallery and haven't had much energy or time to work on these pieces. Today I really wanted to finish as much as I could on Target Child. It is now finished until the child is put in place. Then we'll see how to finish it all


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Target Child

Posted by Sermarr

This piece is very difficult. I read about a woman who had a miscarriage and couldn't bring herself to tell her fiancé do she went looking for a baby to take to be her substitute. She found a woman bringing her three day old baby out of having a medical check up. The woman grabbed the baby and shot the mother,who died. As well as it being easy to think of how crazy this shooter mother was, it also makes me think about how often kids end up in the middle of fights between adults: divorce,stepparents,abusive relationships-all involve at some times who keeps the kids, or who loses them. Where do they go to school? Who do they go on vacation with? So here are three female figures all "claiming" the child




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