Foggy Crystal gets more diverse objects

Posted by Sermarr

After working on the frame for Bottom Girl, I worked all day stitching things onto Foggy Crystal. Now there are many things that look like they've been wrapped up in thread like a spider wraps up some bug. The significance of these is that we carry around a lot of unclear perspectives and memories. And they just hang around waiting for the right moment to emerge. I also stitched on some mesh,actually mosquito screen.



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Foggy Crystal. Gets foggier

Posted by Sermarr

Today I spent all day stitching on Foggy Crystal. And I thought about all the people who've influenced me in my life. And how hard it is to see exactly what their influence has been. Just like books,it's hard for me to pick which ones are the most influential and yet they have added up over time. All the images in Foggy Crystal are very elemental. No particular representation comes into view and this is on purpose because none are dominant...they're additive.





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Many stitches on Foggy Crystal

Posted by Sermarr

You might remember that this is the companion piece to my grandmother piece. It doesn't look at all like it but it reflects how little we know about the last generation. Or the next, for that matter
So here is an overview, which is really hard to understand because it is mostly the details that count
And then some details
I'm taking my stitching fingers home and putting them in hot water





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Foggy Crystal

Posted by Sermarr

Foggy Crystal moved along today. It is a very appropriate companion piece to be making while doing a piece about my long dead and little known grandmothers. I feel so unable to see patterns and learn things from the daily, yearly rush of things that happen. Both close to me and far away in the world. And my foggy crystal gives me little insight even about the lives of my grandmothers. Humbling. And contenting in some strange way to know ill never know



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Foggy Crystal

Posted by Sermarr

This piece seems to have its own abstract counterpart to the grandmother questions. How much can we see,even in our own generation? This piece talks about fuzzy patterns and the unknown that confronts us each day in the familiar known



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