Grandmothers and Fire in the Hole wait for framing

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Both the other finished pieces on cloth were put up to frame. Sergio built "boxes" to the exact size needed for them to stretch around. So here they are.....in waiting for the rest to be done




How Much Of My Grandmother Is Still Here? Almost finished

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Stitch, stitch, stitch. I'm trying to remember how I got into adding stitched objects on things ?? I think it was Rompecabeza. And I saw how much more focus and 3-Dness things could have if they had multiple types of textures and materials. Thread/cord/yarn all add another dimension. Of softness and of visual focus. This picture certainly shows that. It has paint, glass, and a lot of stitches. I'm almost through. Whew! I'll show you the back too, so you can see the multiple colors and the abstract tapestry that the stitches make.




How Much Of My Grandmother Is Still Here? Stitches

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Today I finally got back into the studio after exercising my left brain too much on business and friction of chores
Starting my right brain was not too easy especially as I'd taken a bunch of stitches out on my blond grandmother's dress. I also bought some new thread to make her old fashioned plaid dress colors. And it is daunting to start making that dress plaid. Also the picture is in black and white so I have to make up the colors. Anyway I did a new painting that requires no stitches just to get in gear. It's unnamed but it's about all those central American/Latin American countries that have been subjugated for so long. And their minerals, gold and silver, exploited. My trip to costs rica coming out ,I suppose. So here are my grandmothers




How Much Of My Grandmother Is Still Here

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Today was a glorious day! I was finally able to clamber over the friction in my world, of business, real estate, laundry and the other million things that take tiny amounts of time,but add up to large amounts of time.
So I went to work on the minute stitching of my grandmothers . Lots of long stitches and a lot of teeny ones for clothes. Here they are so far!




How Much Of My Grandmother Is Still Here?

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Today I worked in the faces of my grandmothers. Both were Scotch/Irish Very different faces. I've outlined in glass the parts that I recognize in myself: blond hair from my grandmother with the braids on her head, high forehead, eyes, nose and long neck from the other. Can't wait to see what shows up tomorrow. It's my last day in the studio before a vacation beginning on Monday




How Much Of My Grandmother Is Still Here?

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I wonder how much of my grandmother is still here on this planet?