Divided. Stitched up

Posted by Sermarr

Divided is a work about well worn divisions among people,whether intimate,familial,or large groups like cities,and nations. Some of its origin is the trip I took to South Africa where people were systematically legally divided and moved to separate sections. But it also comes from seeing how often we walk our own familiar paths,separated geographically or politically,or most often economically. The very wealthy live in their own sections,clubs,schools and never interact with people of fewer means who keep to their own paths. In NYC this is so apparent, people live in certain blocks and never cross each others' paths. I remember as a child hearing them talk about the "wrong side of town" how can a side of town be "wrong"? But it was and is still. So this piece sees us all split up in separate sections but somehow connected as a whole





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Divided. A new piece about boundaries

Posted by Sermarr

Having seen in south africa how zealously our animal and bug ancestors mark and enforce their territories, I thought I'd make a piece about our own tendencies to mark off space, physically and emotionally And legally with yard lots, blocks, towns, cities, counties,nations. The piece has all separate parts that are barely connected and people and activities parsed out to all the different spaces. We are divided. By our own hand and from time in the phylogenetic tree it is doing what comes naturally... for good and ill.


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