Bottom Girl’s Frame got painted

Posted by Sermarr

The frame on Bottom Girl was rimmed with deep violet, a little orange and silver. Then embedded in the silver was three cords, two of purple and an inside one of red. The ends of the cords are left hanging off the frame. Somehow this seems to wrap her up in beauty and in misery



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Bottom Girl gets a frame

Posted by Sermarr

After much gluing of the threads on the back by Sergio to make them lay flat, the total piece was glued down very flat. We used a super low acid, flat glue. And then the frame went on. It's drying now, but tomorrow I'll paint the frame and it will be finished except for affixing her heart. It's of shatterproof glass, but looks like a large multifaceted shattered jewel when it's put in place.


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Bottom Girl. Detail painting

Posted by Sermarr

I thought you'd like to see how the detail painting of one of these paintings goes...so I took a video of the painting of the gray around the starbursts at the bottom of Bottom Girl.

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Bottom Girl. Finished

Posted by Sermarr

These were the last stitches to lock the Bottom Girl to her fate. All avenues of escape are tied off now. This was sad to finish. But she is now splayed open for gold mining. Heart, soul, and body all available. And the serpents are there feeding on her.





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Bottom Girl. Stitched with a fractured heart

Posted by Sermarr

Today was mostly stitching and some painting. The gold and silver stitching shows the path of the money. The red stitching shows her being pinioned so she can't get away
The "heart" of the piece is the fractured purple glass,almost like a huge gem, which is ironic as her sexuality is like s precious jewel, but one that hasp testy value and do is sold again and again. The resource of a resourceless female. This piece has been very sad to make





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Bottom Girl. Background painting almost done

Posted by Sermarr

I painted on very close up details today all day. And I want to put each of my eyes and my hand in their own individual hammocks. They deserve it for perseverance It was difficult to choose the right colors for all the images. It's supposed to be malignant but not so malignant that the bottom girl can't see some good for herself.
The more I paint this, the angrier I get about how helpless these girls are. All the harnesses and locks in the picture are coming alive as I paint them. And they seem quite evil. Here's the update on it so far



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Bottom Girl. Very delicate painting

Posted by Sermarr

Today is very close work to put some delicate shading on Bottom Girl. Here's a video, if it uploads,showing one section



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Bottom Girl. More painting

Posted by Sermarr

Today brought more time spent on the detail painting of the central figures on Bottom Girl. The soft purple violet in the bottom girl's skin is to connote mystery and sadness and death. The rapacious arms of the dominator/jailor are bird and reptilian like with yellow green eyes and yellow fur/feathers. He needs to look attractive to attract the bottom girl. But he's quite cold hearted under his glittering covering. He can have no pity because he has no feelings. He's more like a money driven machine to set the deal up and tea the benefits. Here are some of the details and the whole painting do far




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Bottom Girl. Advances

Posted by Sermarr

So today was full of moving to have the bottom girl trapped. And lots of sexual energy in the exploding yellow spider webs and orange shaking looking tremors next to her. And more corset and cage designs that look bone like. And money as the spine that gets her there (lack of money) and money that can be made from selling her over and over. What else is there for sale that can be sold again and again? This piece is very draining to make



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Bottom Girl. Begun

Posted by Sermarr

I read an article about enforced prostitution/strip clubs. In it the men are on the "top" of the structure and responsible for new "recruits" and for the financial part. The "girls" are on the "bottom" taking money for having sex with men and performing in strip clubs. However, many times the enforcer is one of the girls who has either climbed up from the other girls or who has been put in place from the outside by the men. Her job is to keep the girls "in line" often by brutal means. Police call this role the "bottom girl". Although it's odd that she's not called the "top" girl,isn't it ? So I've made a beginning on a piece representing this ironic, cruel hard-to-fathom role of where one turns against the others of her kind so completely. Here are some pictures of its beginning. I am making it on a piece of cotton/linen fabric that has lines woven into it. Somehow it seems to represent all this order out of disorder



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