Grandmothers and Fire in the Hole wait for framing

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Both the other finished pieces on cloth were put up to frame. Sergio built "boxes" to the exact size needed for them to stretch around. So here they are.....in waiting for the rest to be done




Fire In The Hole. Follow up

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After the great effort to finish this is now the great effort to figure out how to mount it. It is cotton batting for quilts and do is very stretchy. So first the stitches on the back have to be glued down so they don't pull put when it's mounted. Here is the back of the fire of Fire In The Hole. A zillion different stitches to be pulled tight and glued now that it's finished



Fire In The Hole. Finito!

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Here is the final piece. It says to me how hard the road (or ladder) to freedom is if you've been in any position where your fear overcomes your anger at how you're being treated. Abusive relationships, apartheid...all,whether national,racial or relationship based leave deep wounds These are hard to ever climb over once they've sunk into your soul.



Fire In The Hole. Last stitch is in!

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Today was more stitching. But at last, the last stitch was done! My fingers said an Ave Maria here are some stitch pictures




Fire In The Hole. Harder work

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So today was more stitching. Suppressing anger represented by stitches is not as hard as the suppression. But it is hard. And I'm obsessed with finishing it. Am attaching the "flames of the fire" with all its invented stitching.




Fire In The Hole. Hard work

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More stitching,stitching on Fire In The Hole. My fingers are very sore, my eyes are very tired, and my neck and back are shot. And I really like what all this stitching has done to the piece. Every stitch takes time just as in all repressed anger it's the tiny straws that build a haystack. And finally there will be a final straw. Just as.,hopefully soon, there will be a final stitch. Like gulliver and the tiny ropes of the Lilliputians. Each small in itself. But taken together very powerful. Anger in a relationship or nation which cannot be expressed due to fear is lethal. Eventually the pressure forces a confrontation. Apartheid is a great example. Lots of tiny laws and indignities to hold back one race and eventually it collapsed.




Fire In The Hole. Advances stitch by stitch

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Today was all about Fire In The Hole. Because anger that can't be expressed grows little by little I have decided to show this in stitches. The stitches build up the walls because of the fear of what will happen if the anger is expressed. This was certainly true of apartheid but it's true of us as individuals. At work, in our families and relationships we try to overlook tiny needling things that seem to us as if we're not important. Not being able to express this builds a big fire if it goes on long enough. The stitched portion of this talks about that. Here are some stitch pictures





Fire In The Hole. A new piece about Sou

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One of the most moving thing in South Africa was seeing Nelson Mandela's cell on Robbin Island. A very small space barely larger than my arms can reach spread out. In all, he was kept in prisons for 26 years. I was so impressed by how righteously he could have emerged very angry and vengeful and chose not to. I think we can have terrible things happen in our lives that keep us feeling like we're in a box or we can make prisons for ourselves and burn in anger at how unfair things are. Everyone has enough bad times to struggle through if they live for a while. The bad thing about all that pent up anger that we're not able to do anything about is that it is very difficult to get free from (the crooked broken ladder) because a lot of out life has been centered around it and we carry it with us to the next stage of life. Mandela was remarkable in freeing himself and many others who were stuck in anger and fear for a very long time. Apartheid lasted fifty years





Fire Inside!

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While in south africa I read a story about a young man who burned to death in his shack. His friend burned himself trying to get in to save him. But he couldn't get in because he couldn't break open the door with the lock that the man had bought to keep himself safe in his shack. This was so poignant and reminded me of how sometimes we barricade ourselves off emotionally to protect ourselves from getting hurt. And sometimes that protection becomes a barrier that threatens our life. We become our own jailers and no one can get in without some singeing.