“Black And White” advances a little

Posted by Sermarr

At the very end of the day "Black And White" got some attention. I had been worrying how it could be just black and white when many times black and white thinking has a lot of fear in it. And today the red side was painted to reflect this backdrop of emotion. I haven't decided if the white side also gets this treatment but I think so. We'll see. Maybe tomorrow



Black and White. New piece started

Posted by Sermarr

Today I was thinking about how people can sometimes draw a line in the sand and exclude anyone on the outside, even if the person has been a friend for a long time. Judge and jury of one convene their own court and pronounce judgement, sometimes without even having the other person heard, and declare them " guilty" of disappointing.
And never talk to or see them again. This piece is about black and white thinking and how it can create such pain. This kind of thinking makes decisions so much easier. And loses so much of the nuance of humans