Degrees of separation took a step forward

Posted by Sermarr

At the very end of the day Degrees Of Separation took a small step forward. It may be too subtle on this camera, but the center is beginning to glow, reflecting the interactions with the people close to us. The outer part still seems more cold and vestigial kind of like old bones or relics



“Degrees of Separation”

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So here is what it looks like now. I'm tired but looking at it I can see there is more to go. Something about the center form isn't right but I do like the sense of separation from the middle area where all the "live" connections and current is flowing and the outer less proximate and older dormant connections are. It seems to me that's the way it works with friends, and relatives, is that we can only hold close a sacred few in our lives at any one time and those few change as we relocate, find new partners, new jobs. I think of the very close friends who dropped from physical and emotional closeness when I moved from Manhattan to the West Coast. And the ones who've stayed close no matter where I've lived.



“Degrees of Separation” has put blisters on my fingers!

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Today's work was selecting, twisting, even braiding wire to represent connections and disconnections to the people in our life.....and it has almost worn my fingertips down because the wire is abrasive and hard to twist into the correct form! So I'm sending a picture of the snippets of wire that reflect all the corrections and changes that went on today. It's not often that I get to see how many changes/mistakes I've made in a physical form,but today was one of them. If mistakes lead to learning, I learned a lot!



How many degrees of separation” gets connected

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I've been working nonstop on "How Many Degrees of Separation?". And it continues to be vested with so many meanings about how we are connected to other people in our life. Or disconnected when the relationships go dormant or the person dies or we move away or get angry and cut the person out of our "nested" relationships.
I've had to use different colors and types of wire to illustrate that. Oxidized wire for dormant relationships, green wire for current familial or very close and growing relationships, black wire for often used but not critical relationships, and blue for our intimate partnerships. Also, silver for business or financial connections
And some of them are braided with multiple colors because they reflect relationships that are interwoven and sustaining sometimes with dead family members or people who continue to inspire and sustain us
I'm a little stuck now and put it up to look at so I could see what seems to need to be done next



How many degrees of separation?

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Tonight after a great party with a lot of friends I've come to the studio to create this piece. Some were old friends, some new ones but turned out to be old friends of some of my old friends. One was the mother of one of the new friends but comes from a place I lived in a long time. I was so struck by how we nest with friends and gather them close from near and far. Much the way the last generation felt about family. So this piece is about separation and togetherness. And aloneness in the middle of the nest,sometimes.